We all have a right to a decent and sustainable job, to a dignified home, to a proper education, to a strong voice in our parliament, and to a healthy environment for the future of our kids. But we have let these rights be eroded by the major parties who have forgotten about us and put themselves, and their corporate-donor mates, ahead of our community.

Enough is enough.

Our vote, your vote, is powerful.

We’re fortunate to have a preferential voting system; so no vote is wasted. 

A vote for the Greens tells the major parties about the Australia you want to live in; the Australia that we want to be. An Australia that is fair, free, hard-working, smart, innovative, that is forward-looking, future focused and inclusive.

A vote for the Greens tells the major parties that we no longer want to be pawns in their game, that we want to build trust and integrity within our democracy, that we want representation that is smart and inclusive.

A vote for the Greens is backed the our track-record in parliament; keeping the major parties honest and protecting our democracy. A track-record that has seen the Greens lead the way in establishing the Banking Royal Commission, fighting for a Federal Anti-Corruption Body, in delivering marriage equality, in a national apology, in fighting for our children’s education, and against the sale of our public assets and natural environment.

A vote for the Greens is a vote for a future for all of us.